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For those familiar with the Google™ Adwords system or Overture's™ direct advertising options the CiberSpaces ™ system will be recognizable. Similar to the mentioned giants we place your ads via a proprietary automated system in which your ads are placed and removed automatically after the paid inclusion period. Also common is the ability to see in real time the highest ranked sites, visitors and daily, monthly and historical hits for a given site. This allows advertisers to accommodate there budget accurately on solely those sites with highest visits for there particular topic or topics thus enhancing coverage for a given campaign.

To ensure the most effective results, banner spaces or links placed on a particular website are shown on every page of that site. CiberSpaces ™ does not sell page-by-page ads because we feel that advertisers should be repeatedly exposed as the visitors navigate the site in order to maximize resulting click through's or product visibility. This also ensures maximum link back value for the advertiser's website to comply with the increasing use of link back algorithms favored today by major search engines to calculate page rankings for the advertiser's website(s).

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Once you place ads on our Network you will be provided with a login and password which will allow you to analyze traffic in real time, create new campaigns or modify your existing campaign. Ads sold online will be checked by our ad specialist for compliance before posting to ensure the integrity of the content and overt conflicts with other advertiser's. Ads sold by our partners, affiliates and our sales staff will appear instantaneously or on the chosen dates.


The CiberSpaces™ placement software provides absolute control to you the advertiser:

- You choose when the ad starts and ends
- You choose on which site(s) the ad(s) appear(s)
- You choose the exact ad size
- You compile your ad campaign in real time
- You reserve space and ads for anytime in the future
- You assign your campaign budget on one screen
- You request an automated notice when a particular space becomes available
- You choose between multiple add sizes in for any given campaign/period

Putting you in complete control!

We offer competitive design rates and all inclusive packages with design and placement all in one. Look at ideas for Banner Ads.


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