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Choose from either our EZ campaigns which will have your Ads online quickly or contact us or our franchisees for a tailor made campaign on the sites and for the periods of your choice. Each banner location is priced according to a series of factors derived from our own Intelli-Track algorithm which calculates; site popularity, visits, hits and typical visitor time, individually, for all sites in our network. This scenario offers the most straightforward and cost effective exposure to your banner(s) and one that will provide results tailored to your specific campaign budget and desired market coverage. Because the rates below for our specialized campaigns are averages, you should contact your local agent to receive an exact quote for the sites, banner sizes and campaign period you have in mind. For affiliate Ad agencies, we provide full access to our login area so that you may configure your client’s campaigns directly.

CPM (cost per thousand) based campaigns are the easiest, fastest and most economical way to introduce your company or organization to online advertising through CiberSpaces. Simply divide your budget by the CPM based EZ-Campaign and start seeing results today!

Create unique and individual campaigns based upon our Total Freedom Format and contact your local agent now! Your campaign will be tailored to your exact needs, spending requirements, specific periods and individual sites.

Free - Inclusion of advertiser's website in CubaMax local search engine
Free - Ask about our "Link Back" program and save $$$'s on your campaign


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